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As the UAG grows our events and the events we are involved in have new and increased demands. For this reason, it helps to have a pool of resources to pull from when we need a hand. You are not required to be a member in order to volunteer your time however it helps to share our love of the arts and our belief that the Capital Region's art community is full of talent and ambition. For more information on events which may benefit from your help please visit our calendar.

The UAG often needs volunteers to help with special events, hanging shows, certain workshops, and other occasions. By signing up to be on the volunteer list you authorize the Upstate Artists Guild to contact you via email and/or phone with general requests for opportunities to volunteer. The UAG will not, for any reason, share your contact information with others.

*Phone number is optional.
Join the UAG Volunteer List You can read about our privacy policy here.

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the little pastry chef (after Soutine)
the little pastry chef (after Soutine)
Tom Corrado