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Interested in a Specific Course?
The Upstate Artists Guild is working hard to offer a variety of courses and workshops for artists of all experience levels. The course we offer are selected, in part, by availability of instructors and the cost of materials. The biggest deciding factor, however, is interest from students. If you are interested in helping decide which courses and workshops will be offered by the UAG please fill out the form below. Additionally, you can email us at with any questions you might have.

+ Please indicate your interest:
Portraiture (Painting/Drawing)
Portfolio Preparation/Professional Practices
Critique and General Art Discussion (Group)
Instructed Figure Drawing
Non-Instructed Figure Drawing (3 hour sessions)
Beginning Drawing
Intermediate/Advanced Drawing
Beginning Figure Painting
Intermediate/Advanced Figure Painting
Non-Instructed Figure Painting (6 hour workshop)
Beginning/Intermediate Oil Painting
Comic Book Art
Decorative Furniture Refinishing
Artistic Food Preparation
Puppet Making
Kids' Drawing (5-8yrs and 9-15 yrs)
Kids' Painting (5-8yrs and 9-15 yrs)
Kids' general Arts (3-6 yrs and 7-10 yrs)

*Phone number is optional.
This information will only be used to contact you when new UAG courses and workshops which may be of interest to you are offered.
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Water Kissed Sun
Water Kissed Sun
Carol Coogan