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The UAG Gallery
Our gallery contains roughly 1,000 square feet of wall space and 800 square feet of floor space for shows, workshops, and special events. The unique space provides a comfortable space for work of all sizes and mediums. Additionally, the gallery's front window space frequently features an art installation.

Other than our events and workshops the UAG Gallery also acts as a central repository for information on the Guild and local events. Stop by to pick up membership applications, call for art forms, fliers, and other literature or ask a Guild member what we're all about. We also keep copies of our newsletter and the calendar of events at the Gallery for your perusal.

Nearly all of the artwork shown at our gallery is for sale. Additionally, we have many small prints, handmade objects, t-shirts, stickers, CDs and other items for sale at the gallery's reception and information desk. Please note that the gallery does collect NY State sales tax on all purchases.

Further info on the UAG Gallery's current and upcoming events may be found here:

+ Current Show
+ Upcoming Shows
+ Past Shows & Events
+ Classes and Workshops
+ The UAG Calendar

Gallery Hours
The UAG Gallery is located at 247 Lark Street, directly across from Ben & Jerry's, between Lancaster and Jay. Our current gallery hours are:

+ Thurs/Fri 5:30-8PM
+ Sat 2-8PM
+ Sun 2-6PM

Gallery hours may change slightly to accommodate special events and gallery show receptions.

Exhibiting Artists
The UAG Gallery has been lucky to have its walls graced by so many amazing pieces of art. None of what we do would be successful without the help and talent of our 556 exhibiting artists.
Aaron Zhang
Abigail Isolda
Abraham Ferraro
Adam Furgang
Adel Bouallagui
Adrienne Money
Agbelusi Abiodun
Akum Norder
Alex Backstrom
Alex Chechile
Alex Hanson
Alexander Garnet Perry
Alexander Johnson
Alexandra Barletta
Alicia Habershaw
Alison Vanevera
All This Useless Beauty
Allison Roe
Allison St. Marie
Altin Stoja
Amanda Facchiano
Amanda Klish
Amanda Leung
Amanda Newman
Amanda Showers
Amanda Tomasikiewicz
Amelia Fallon
Amelia Garretson-Persans
Ami Lahoff
Amy Halloran
Amy Naple
Amy Rollicino
Andrea Hersh
Andrea Morris
Andrea Neumann
Andrew Cytrynak
Andrew Lafkas
Angel Marotta
Ania Keidong
Anita Fina Kiewra
Ann Butwell
Ann Roberts
Anthony D'Amico
Anthony Salamone
Antique Brothers
Area C
Ashley Davison
Ashley Pohlig
Avery Danziger
B.A. Dowler
Barbara Klemz
Barbara Shema
UAG Associate Member Barry Junjulas
Beau D. Smith
Ben Schwab
Benjamin Furgang
Bethyl Mayer
Bhavna M. H.
Bill Nace
Bill Petit
Bill Zeman
Billie-Jean Greene
Black Diamond
Blair Allen
Bob Anderson
Bob Assini
Bob Blackmon
Bonnie White
Brenda McMahon
Brendan Chapman
Brendan Dalton
Brendan O'Neill
Brenden Adams
Brett Dupuy
Brett Peterson
Brian G. Lewandowski
Brian Hofmeister
Brian Kraus
Brian Petroski
Bryan Eubanks
Bryna Nestor
Burnest Crumpler
C. Spencer Yeh
Caitlin Foley
Caitlin Kennedy
Caitlin Schneider
Candice Potrafka
Cara Bucciferro
Carey Violette
Carl R. Voegtling
Carol Coogan
Carol Homer Owens
Carole Fults
Caroline Corrigan
Carolyn Edgecomb
Caster Kennard
Catherine Austin
Celso Agner
Century Plants
Charles Semowich
Charles Steckler
Charlie Smith
Chelsea McGann
Chip Allen
Chris DeMarco
UAG Associate Member Chris Horton
Chrissy Swanson
Christa Dijstelbergen
Christi Neely
Christian N. St. Pierre
Christina Cook
Christina Kincaid
Christopher Collins
Christopher Crowder
Christopher Santos
Cliodnha Thayer
Colin Wilkinson
Collin David
Connie Frisbee Houde
Courtney Earnhart
Courtney NanNordan
crasis d:zyne
Crystal Lee Bernard
Crystal Powell
Crystal Woudenberg
UAG Associate Member Curtis Canham
Dain Brammage
Dan H. Brawner
Dan Mahoney
Dan Oropallo
UAG Associate Member Dan Wilcox
Dana Bliss
Daniel Campbell
UAG Member Daniel Langer
Daniel Neet
Dao Zhen Wang
Darren Prodger
Dave Geurin
David DiPasquale
David Doonan
David Seiler
Davis McLane Connelly
Dawn Black
Dawn Hunter
Death By A Thousand Cuts
Debbie Park-Boussu
Deborah Adams
Deborah Degraffenreid
Deborah Weber
Debra Goertz
Deena Salzman
Diana Bangert-Drowns
Diana Diriwaechter
Diana Diriwaechter
Diana Ogaard
Diane Burchett
Diane Evans
Diane Segal
Dianna Mazzone
Dianne Acevedo
Dina Williams
Donna Peirce
Dorothea Osborn
Doug Klein
Douglas Ridley
Ed Pieper
Elena Cruzallen
Elise Wiener
Elissa Halloran
Elizabeth Dzimiera
Elizabeth Glassanos
Elizabeth Hassel
Elizabeth M. Zunon
Elizabeth Mickalonis
Emeline Bard-Hobbs
Eric Hardiman
Erich Keena
Erik Hamilton
Erik Laffer
Erik Saulnier
Erika Sanger
Erin Hanvey
Erin O'Brien
Ernesto Molina
Existing Artists
Fionnyala McAvey
Ford McLain
Fran Giordano
G.L. Gould
Gabrielle Becker
Gage Anderson
Gail Nadeau
Gary Masline
George Guarino
George Olsen, Jr.
Georgianna Lazarus
Ghoul Poon
Ginny Heller
Gordana Vukovic
Grab Ass Cowboys
Greg Bockis
Greg Casey
Heather Blossom Brown
Heather L. Martin
Holland Hopson
Holland Hopson
Holy Sheet
Howard McAvoy
Ian Hemingway
Ian Schillinger
Isaac Lund
Isabella Adams
Isabella Usenza
J. Hauf
Jack Schafer
Jack Wright
Jackie Tangarone
Jacob Kuhne
Jacqueline Green
James Blodgett
James H. Pickett
James Vallely
Janet Stutzman
Jared Balog
Jason Bryer
Jason Cosco
Jason Jette
Jason Martinez
Jayne Cavitt
Jean Marie Keidong
Jeff Brower
Jeff Burns
Jeff Wigman
Jeffrey Younes
Jennifer Burns
Jennifer Grainer
Jerad Gribben
Jeremy Patrick Lundy
Jeri Degener
Jess Fink
Jesse Craft
Jessica M. Harrington
Jessy Montrose
Jessyka Neitzel
Jiang Xing Zhang
Jim Clark
Jim Dieso
Jim Smith
UAG Member Jimmy Butts
Joan Mathews
Joan Oliver
Joanne Agopovich
Joe Holander
Joe Marcuccio
Joe Ulrich
John Bosko Jr.
John Connors
John D'Annibale
John Delude
John Dozier
John Frederick
John Hammer
John Snyder
John Vandenbergh
John Visser
John Weiler
John White
John Wilkinson
John Yost
Johnny Bradigan
Jolana Nicotina
UAG Associate Member Joleen Button
Jon Gernon
UAG Associate Member Jonathan Becker
Joni Buccos
Jonny Russell
UAG Member Jorge Diaz
UAG Member Joseph B. Ulrich
Josh Boyark
Joshua Field
Joyce Dannibale
Jude Brown
Judy Olson
Juice Mega
Juli?n Benda?a-Flores
Julia Bracaglia
UAG Associate Member Julie Maynes
Julie Schuldt
June Bonilla
Justin Baker
Kaelyn Haggerty
UAG Associate Member Kali Roy
Karen Carson
Karen Dressel
UAG Member Karen L. Wade
UAG Member Karen L. Wade-Naile
UAG Board Member Karen Revitt
Katherine Bogdon
Kathleen Whipple
Kathleen Zeranski
Kathy Hamil
Kathy Zazarine
Katie Bilharz
UAG Member Katie Jones
UAG Associate Member KAVA, Ink
UAG Associate Member Keira Lemonis
Keith J. Varadi
Keith Mead
UAG Associate Member Keith Mueller
UAG Member Kelly Naylor
Kelly Weidman
Ken Allen
UAG Associate Member Ketura Khai
Kevin Bruce
Kevin Kuhne
Kim Waldie
Kimm Hugo
Kristen Day
UAG Associate Member Kristin Woodward
Kristofer McDermott
L'esperance Tile Works
L. Nichols
Laura Frare
UAG Associate Member Laurel Peterson
Lauren Puzier
Lea McBain
UAG Associate Member Lee Pohlsander
UAG Member Lehua Ehukai
Leif Zurmuhlen
Leroy Gabel
Linda Aubry Bullock
Linda Worden
UAG Associate Member Lisa A. McLain
UAG Member Liz Maloney
UAG Member Lorenz Worden
Louie Powell
Louise Waldie
Lucy Anderson
Lutz Scherneck
Lynn Christiano
Mandi Bareis
Marcus Anderson
UAG Member Margye Zitomer
Maria Ingersoll
UAG Associate Member Marita Nurminen
UAG Member Mark Gregory
Marlea Keidong
Martin Ontiveros
Mary Elizabeth
UAG Associate Member Mary Feeley
Mary Grace Pollician
UAG Board Member Matt Ramsey
Matthew Ethington
Matthew Kiehl
Matthew Peebles
Meg Clixby
UAG Member Megan Kelly
UAG Member Megan Perry
Melissa Alger
Melissa Clarke
Melissa Marceau
Michael Besta
UAG Member Michael Brown
UAG Associate Member Michael Button
Michael Chernoff
Michael Conlin
Michael E. Bombard
Michael Eck
Michael Farley
Michael Furgang
Michael Gwozdz
Michael J. Wheeler
Michael Landrio
Michael Nero
Michael Peters
Michael Roach
Michael Rogers
Michael T. Bullock
UAG Board Member Michael Weidrich
Michael Wilson
Michelle Mortensen
Michelle Warren
UAG Member Michiko Kubotera
Mike Sperduto
Miles Debas
Miles Partington
UAG Member Milton McPherson
UAG Associate Member Mitch Messmore
Monica Bill
Monica Miller
Mustafa Ali Faruki
UAG Associate Member Nadia Trinkala
UAG Associate Member Natalie Paquette
UAG Associate Member Natasha Pernicka
Nate Turner
UAG Associate Member Nathalie Saxton de Perez
Nick Esposito
UAG Associate Member Nicole Campon
Nicole Moreau
UAG Associate Member Nikhil Patel
UAG Member Nina Stanley
Noelle MacGonigle
UAG Associate Member Olga Lukjanenko
UAG Associate Member Olya Szyjka
Omonike Akinyemi
UAG Member Onna Adams
Oulinana Ermolova
Patrice Release
Patricia Goldsberry
Patrick Hennessey
Patrick Murphy
Patrick O'Malley
Patrick Picou Harrington
Paul Adams
Paul Sunday
Peter Harris
Philip Horender
Philip Montelone
UAG Associate Member Philip Palmieri
Phoebe Chui
Rachel Jones
Radha Krishnan
Ray Hare
Rebecca Jayne Boswell
UAG Member Rebecca Lefevre
Rebecca Rentz
UAG Board Member Rebecca Schoonmaker
Renata Memole
Renee Decator
Renee Victoria Gibson
Richard Clandorf
Richard Robelotto
UAG Associate Member Robert E. Lynk
UAG Associate Member Robert Gullie
UAG Member Robyn Diaz
Robyn Lynch Stewart
UAG Associate Member Ross Nadler
Roy Buckley
Rudolf Savain
Russell Bernard
Ryan Barone
Ryan Carll
UAG Member Ryoko Tanaka
Sam Davies
UAG Member Sam Krouse
UAG Member Samuray Akarvardar
UAG Associate Member Sandra Dovberg
Sandra Dwileski
Sandra Sweeney
Sara E. Worden
UAG Member Sara Maria Salamone
Sarah Cullen
UAG Associate Member Sarah MacDougal
Sarah Moore
UAG Member Sarah Petrucci
UAG Associate Member Scott Donohue
UAG Member Scott Hotaling
Scott Keidong
UAG Member Scott Pernicka
UAG Member Sean Calhoun
UAG Member Sean Finneran
Serena Tearno
Severe Severe
Shannon Miya Russell
UAG Member Sharon West
Shawn Kavanaugh
Shirley Epting
Sleepwalkers Local 242
Stacy Franz
UAG Associate Member Stephanie Dunckley
UAG Associate Member Stephanie Zielaskowski
UAG Member Stephen Dootz
UAG Member Stephen Honicki
Stephen Mead
Steve Condon
Steven Kowalski
UAG Associate Member Steven Osuchowski
Steven Rolf Kroeger
Stone Baby
Sue Barczak
UAG Associate Member Susan Rivers
Susan Schmader
Suzanne Clements
UAG Associate Member Suzanne Hicks
T. Holt Russell
UAG Associate Member Taliah Lempert
Tarrance Boyd
Terence Tolman
Terry Conrad
Thom Francis
Thomas Blamire
UAG Board Member Thomas D'Ambrose
Thomas Lusardi
Thomas Miller
UAG Member Thomasa Dwyer Nielsen
Thurston Moore
Tiffany Nelson
Timothy Bray
UAG Associate Member Timothy C. Foster
Toan Tran
Todd Behrendt
Todd J. Greive
Todd Segal
Tom Chestnut
UAG Member Tom Corrado
Tom Lusardi
UAG Associate Member Tom O'Toole
Tommy Durham
UAG Associate Member Tommy Watkins
Torin Peter Nielsen
UAG Associate Member Torrance Fish
Travis Johns
Val Tran
Valerie Altounian
UAG Associate Member Valerie Dunckle
UAG Associate Member Valerie Wolf
Van Demps
Victoria Benz
Victoria Ramos
Victoria Stutzenstein
Vincent Tocco
Virginia Hammer
Warren MacMillan
UAG Associate Member Wendy Nooney
UAG Associate Member Whiskey Sour
Wicked Rot
UAG Member wilk?
UAG Member William Lowder
Willow Eyres
Wren Panzella
Yares Engel Productions
Yeachin Tsai
UAG Associate Member Yohanna Jessup
Yolanda Robert
Zachariah Allen
Zachary Balog
Zoe Keidong
UAG Board Member + Board Member     UAG Member + Member     UAG Associate Member + Associate Member

Gallery Revamp
In early September, 2005, the UAG took over what was to become our gallery space. Below are several pictures taken during the weekend spent cleaning and preparing the space for use at LarkFest.

UAG Gallery
UAG founders Jason Cosco and Curtis Canham prepare the walls for painting.
UAG Gallery
Curtis begins laying down the first of three coats of BIN.
UAG Gallery
UAG founder Rebecca Schoonmaker primes the ceiling ledging.
UAG Gallery
UAG founders Tommy, Jason, Curtis and Rebecca work on the space.
UAG Gallery
After a couple days of hard work the UAG founders take in the revamped space, ready for LarkFest.

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UAG Gallery
The UAG Gallery as it looked in early September, 2005, when we originally took it over.
UAG Gallery
The UAG Gallery as it looks in March, 2006, as we prepare for the Illumination show.
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Eyes of the Future
Eyes of the Future
Valerie Wolf