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UAG Bylaws

  1. ARTICLE ONE - Name
    The name of this organization shall be Upstate Artists Guild (UAG)
  2. ARTICLE TWO - Mission Statement
    The Upstate Artists Guild is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, open to all. Our mission is to promote art education and artistic endeavors throughout the community by maintaining space in which to meet for the purpose of exhibitions, lectures, and instruction; and to work with the community to stimulate an interest in the arts.
  3. ARTICLE THREE - Membership and Dues
    Any person interested in the mission of the Guild may become a member by payment of annual dues and signing the membership application.
    1. Section One. Dues shall be:
      • $10 a month for Board Members
      • $10 a month or $120/year for Members. Members are also encouraged to donate regular hours per month. A portion of the dues may be waived in lieu of regular and consistent volunteer hours.
      • $50 a year for Associate Members
      • $500 or more a year for Angels
    2. Section Two. Dues for Members are paid either on the 1st of the month or annually on the first day of the month they join. The Secretary keeps the database of members. Members may be issued a card and a member number with an expiration date.
    3. Section Three. The Guild will drop members from the published roster when their dues become three months past due. They can be reinstated upon backpayment of dues owed.
    4. Section Four. Works sold. Commission shall be:
      • Artist receives 75%; 25% to UAG
      • Certain shows geared towards benefits may have specialized commision rates
  4. ARTICLE FOUR - Executive Board and Its Election
    1. Section One.The Executive Board of the Guild consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Gallery Manager and Board Members.
    2. Section Two. Officers shall be elected by the Board prior to the Annual Meeting in July. Elected officers will serve for one year or until their successors are elected. The newly elected officers shall assume duties at the close of the annual Meeting.
    3. Section Three. There shall be an Advisory Board made up of members of the community that are interested, influential, and involved in the Arts of the community. Invitation to the Advisory Board shall be by Unanimous vote of the Board, and shall be for terms of one year. The Advisory Board will meet with the Board every Quarter.
  5. ARTICLE FIVE - Duties of the Officers
    1. Section One. The President shall preside at all meetings and oversee all Guild activities. The President casts the deciding vote on organizational decisions, in case of a tie at either the General Membership or Board of Directors meetings. The President is primarily responsible for internal affairs of the Guild.
    2. Section Two. The Vice-President shall be the assistant to the President. The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the President's absence. In the event the President is unable to continue the term of office, the Vice-President shall assume the Office of the President. The Board of Directors shall appoint a new Vice-President. The Vice President shall be the liaison with the Community and keep the Board informed of all community activities. The Vice President is primarily responsible for external affairs and oversees public interaction.
    3. Section Three. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping written records of meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. The Secretary conducts necessary correspondence on behalf of the Guild. The Secretary maintains a current and up to date list of members. The Secretary is entitled to at least one Assistant (must be UAG member or intern) who is approved by the Board to assist the Secretary in all aspects of correspondence, membership maintenance, and record keeping. The assistant to the Secretary will handle all telephone correspondence as necessary including maintaining a membership notification phone tree.
    4. Section Four. The Treasurer shall collect, deposit and disburse the funds of the Guild as directed by the elected Board and file all necessary reports. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all receipts and disbursements, shall submit to the Executive Board a written report of the financial condition of the Guild annually, and shall produce financial reports as needed for taxes, legal purposes, grant related needs and at the request of the Advisory and Executive Boards.
    5. Section Five. The Gallery Manager shall be responsible for all Shows at the Gallery, ensuring that openings, closings, and other events are scheduled and gallery hours are staffed. S/he shall also be responsible for timely announcements, prospectuses, and will oversee and organize (delegate if necessary) the curation of each show. The Manager shall have Gallery Assistants (must be UAG members or interns) that are approved by the Board to assist in all aspects of Gallery management.
  6. ARTICLE SIX - The Board of Directors
    1. Section One. Authority shall be vested in the Board of Directors to make decisions.
    2. Section Two. Meetings of the Board shall be held at least twice a month on Mondays or when called by the President.
    3. Section Three. A minimum of 75% of all meetings must be attended by all Board members. Officers must attend all meetings unless there are extenuating circumstances and all Board members are notified in advance.
    4. Section Four. Additional Board members may be voted in by Unanimous vote of the Board.
  7. ARTICLE SEVEN - Meetings
    1. Section One. Monthly meetings of the entire Guild, open to the public, shall be held on the first Monday of each month, unless otherwise ordered by the Board. Members are encouraged to attend at least once a quarter. Meetings of the Board shall be held on Monday evenings unless otherwise unanimously decided by the Board.
    2. Section Two. The monthly open meeting in July shall be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be held for the purpose of informing the general Guild membership of the status of the Guild, receiving reports from Officers and Committees, staffing and forming new committees if needed, and for other business which might arise. All members are encouraged to attend.
    3. Section Three. All business requires a two-thirds vote of those present for approval. There must be a quorum 70% of the board present for a vote.
  8. ARTICLE EIGHT - Outdoor Fairs and Other Non-Gallery Events
    Booths contain only Member art. The Member tent may contain non-juried art. Commissions may be waived on certain articles.
  9. ARTICLE NINE - Standing Committees
    Any member can and is encouraged to sign up for a Committee. Committees can be chaired either by Board members or by Members in good standing. Committees meet on a separate schedule and must report to the Board during the monthly meetings.
    1. Education Committee
      1. Facilitate workshops
      2. Teach classes
      3. Organize internships
      4. Arrange guest lectures
      5. Facilitate member critiques
    2. Community Outreach Committee
      1. UAG patrol
      2. Promote UAG event by preparing and handing out info
      3. Attend non-UAG art events as representative of UAG
      4. Inform local artists about upcoming shows
      5. Work with other organizations for event planning
    3. Gallery Committee
      1. Assist Gallery Manager in maintaining gallery and related projects
      2. Organize the preparation and distribution of press releases, flyers, and other UAG media
      3. Organize the hanging of shows
      4. Organize the set up and take down at opening receptions
      5. Arrange food and beverages for receptions
      6. Organize the documentation of UAG shows and events
    4. Newsletter Committee
      1. Publish monthly newsletter with current UAG events
      2. Solicit articles from UAG members
      3. Review recent shows outside of UAG
      4. Highlight upcoming events
      5. Coordinate with other committees for content
      6. Prepare and post weekly news updates to website
      7. Post non-UAG events to our calendar
      8. Maintain a record of UAG press
    5. Finance Committee
      1. Research and apply for various Grants
      2. Plan fundraising events for the UAG
      3. Explore options for external sponsorship of UAG events and goals
  10. ARTICLE TEN - Amendments
    These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting assuming a quorum, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given at least seven days in advance.
Voted on and approved by the Board of Directors, November 26th, 2008.

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