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Our Committees
The Upstate Artists Guild includes ten committees which help with the organization and administration of day-to-day tasks. The main purpose of these committees is to allow for the appointment of caretakers to our various interests and activities. Committees are run by members of the board but the work remains shared across all of the Guild as volunteers are always welcomed.

+ Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for the organization and administration of various workshops and classes. Teaching and Learning are both key to our mission and, as such, the Education Committee remains one of the UAG's most active and prolific committees. The Education Committee is also responsible for interns and internship opportunities. You can find more on the Education Committee's offerings on our Teach and Learn pages.

+ Fundraising Committee
Our Fundraising Committee oversees all activities which act to help benefit the Gallery and Guild financially. This often includes ongoing events such as raffles as well as fundraising activities for specific events in and out of our Gallery, as well as to help identify and coordinate grant applications. The Fundraising Committee works closely with many of our other committees to provide a multitude of exciting benefits options for the UAG.

+ Membership Committee
The Membership Committee assists the Secretary in managing a current list of the UAG members and actively recruits new members. The committee also responds to membership concerns and suggestions. The Membership Committee organizes the distribution of important membership news updates, including the newsletter, and works to maintain the Member Site.

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